Computing • ICT
An innovative approach of presenting ICT concepts in meaningful contexts and realistic situations with carefully graded activities to motivate students.
ICT is the new literacy
All products of Binary Logic are based on pedagogically sound methodologies, they incorporate contemporary and engaging topics and are characterized by the use of appealing visual material and technology that works. Binary Logic’s educational material is based on feedback from ICT experts and teachers worldwide, and enhanced with the inclusion of the latest model syllabi and exam specifications. It provides opportunities for extended learning that
  • Exposes students to a wider range of experiences
  • Develops 21st century skills through educational resources that are aligned with
    and support digital age learning
  • Enhances cross disciplinary knowledge, connections and understanding
  • Leads to more active and meaningful learning experiences
Primary Courses
For very young learners and primary students
Designed specifically for young learners incorporating the latest developments in pedagogy.
Secondary Courses
For young teenagers
Designed for teenagers taking into consideration the international ICT exams requirements.
ICT Courses
for Colleges and Universities
Designed for young adults with activities based on real needs in everyday life, studies and work.
Custom ICT Courses
Covering the needs for any type of institution 
Our curriculum design experts and editors can work with you on special projects from a simple book to a national ICT curriculum reform - from ICT policy planning to content creation and delivery.
Digital Kids, Digital Teens and Binary ICT Skills are designed to introduce students to the key ICT applications they need to use in order to acquire that literacy and to help them understand the impact of technology on our daily lives. The curriculum provides a framework in which ICT competence and practical skills can be developed within an environment that is appropriate for the age of the students.
International Standards
Curriculum that follows the latest international standards of ICT teaching
All series take into consideration the competencies valued in ICT around the world.
The curriculum is mapped against national standards and requirements in a number of countries.
The skills learned reflect the performance standards demanded in an international context.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) completed a Seal of Alignment for Readiness review of the Digital Kids and Digital Teens curriculum and determined that it provides an effective foundation for successfully acquiring the knowledge and applying the skills described by the ISTE Standards for Students. All material is future-ready for the new ISTE 2016 standards. Read here what ISTE is saying about our curriculum.
Preparing for international ICT exams